Leven with my new Levator GoPro pole

backbarrow pole

This month I treated myself to the Jackson Levator GoPro pole.  The main reason being I wanted to see what I looked like while I was paddling.  I have become a bit of a perfectionist recently so I hope to use it for a bit of self-coaching.  From this run I know I used a sneaky back stroke (excluding backbarrow) which annoyed me, can you spot it?  .  It will also give me another angle for any upcoming vids I make.

Overall, I am impressed with the set up.  A few points that I have noticed from today:

1)      When you think the pole it is tight enough, tighten it some more.

2)      You can’t back deck roll with it fitted (going over on left rolling up on right).  So if you are like me and this is your go to roll it could become a bit of a pain.

3)      May not be suited to the tighter more over grown rivers/becks of the Lake District.

Here is the vid of my solo run.

*not happy with my line through Backbarrow, I was too central which caused me to be kicked left.  Definately not ideal if there was more water in the river.

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3 thoughts on “Leven with my new Levator GoPro pole

  1. You were not too central you were too far right pointing straight so it kicked you left. You need to be left of center pointing left put in a big powerful right hand stroke as you leave the kicker and you will straighten up and fly over the hole :)

    • After you with that line! It would work but with more water (1.3 and above) I don’t want to be any where near the left hand side under the bridge, trust me I have swam in it and lost my boat for 13 days (1.5). My normal line is just right of centre aiming right with a left stroke. When it works you skip on through. Want went wrong was (as you said) as I came down the tongue I got straightened out which meant my left stroke was in vain.

  2. This line goes mate I take that line all the time no matter what level unless the rock is showing… Try the line the line you describe is fine but flying off the kicker is sick you should try it!

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